Revitalize and Rejuvenate with Our Exclusive Weeding IV Drip Package

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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed before the big day? You’ve thought about everything and everyone and every little detail. Take a PAUSE and have some “me” time with your special friends and family. Make sure that you are that glowing bride and shine on D day.

We now offer The Chic Glowing Bride IV package to help you look and feel your best on one of the most important day of your life. This IV formula will make sure you are well hydrated, your skin is looking at it’s best, and of course restore some health to your hair and nails while giving you energy and at the same time it relaxes and calms you.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about your better half. Your Beaming groom and his friends might be feeling tired and exhausted from all the excitement and running around before the big day. Let us give them a big boost of energy to ensure they’re at their best and prince charming can swoop you off your feet.

The Chic Glowing Bride Package

5 IV session that includes:

  • The Chic Ultimate Glow
  • Plus Lipo Mino

Hors d’oeuvre (optional)

  • Provided for additional fee

The Chic Beaming Groom Package

5 IV session that includes:

  • The Chic Energizer
  • Plus Lipo Mino

$1100 / package Each additional person $200

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